Sourcing 7 is the first non-profit professional organization dedicated to talent sourcing in the Pacific Northwest.


Sourcing 7 (S7+) supports anyone who identifies as a talent sourcing, research, or recruiting professional in the pursuit of career excellence. 

S7+ is a professional special interest community (SIC) of the Northwest Recruiters Association (NWRA). Comprised of talent sourcers, recruiters, and other talent acquisition professionals who share best practices, exchange techniques, and enhance the talent sourcing profession. The S7+ community was born from the grassroots effort of talent sourcers who wanted to pay it forward for this profession. We hope to accomplish this through fostering opportunities to network, influence, and educate.

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"Every city should have a Sourcing 7. The fact that people volunteer their time and speakers come and share thoughts and knowledge to make the community is simply awesome. #payitforward"

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In 2009, seven Seattle-area talent sourcing professionals began meeting at a local Starbucks to share ideas and techniques and to discuss a relatively new discipline of talent sourcing. The Internet and social media had changed sourcing, and these seven professionals were determined to get their collective heads around new ways of thinking for talent sourcing in the digital age; thus, they became the Sourcing 7. 

The team, which has always consisted of 100% volunteers, desire to give back to the local community. This team is made up of Recruiters, Sourcers, and Talent Acquisition experts lending their services to respected companies in the Pacific Northwest.


Over the years, many amazing individuals have served on our leadership team. Meet our leadership alumni!




We always need help at events in the following areas:

Set-up/tear down

Guides to assist attendees in finding the room

Greeters to welcome attendees

Reception check-in attendants

A/V support to run microphones and assist with laptops and presentations


You don't have to be a Toastmaster-certified speaker! Our events are great opportunities to gain experience presenting in front of audiences - attendees are your peers and want to see you be successful. If you are passionate about a topic, we encourage you to share what you know.


Our events remain free to attend due in part to the hospitality of our local venue hosts. If you have space to hold up to 100 seated attendees and a connected A/V system, we would love to hold a Sourcing 7 event with your organization.

Events are custom-built for the Sourcing 7 community.  Our events range from hands-on workshops, to presentations, to expert panel discussions. 


We've always kept events free to attend through the generosity of venues hosted by local area organizations, as well as our sponsors.


These in-person events, held at various locations around the Seattle metro area, give you the opportunity to learn from multiple presenters and ask questions. Networking opportunities before and after presentations allow for you to meet new colleagues. Live events are presented either in panel, round-table, or Ignite-style presentation format. In addition, webinars led by local community members cover tactical topics like sourcing tools, techniques, and process.​



We wouldn't be able to offer free training workshops and events without the support and partnership of our sponsors and venue hosts:

Sourcing7 is a SIG of the NWRA (Northwest Recruiter Association), and we are a 501(c)(3). As we are a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of our local community and our global sponsorship partners to continue serving the sourcing community through free educational events and networking opportunities.


If you're interested in sponsoring the community, please click here for more information.


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Believing in the idea of “Paying it Forward,” we’re launching the Sourcing 7 Ambassador Program soon. We've asked local community members from some of the area's employers to help with event promotions and encouraging colleagues and teammates to participate in events throughout the year. 

We aim to provide opportunities for Ambassadors to grow professionally while increasing outreach to the local community and encouraging networking and relationship development

outside of our events.


Sourcing 7 Ambassadors are  individuals in the community who believe in the mission of Sourcing 7, which is to foster opportunities to network, influence, and educate. As company representatives, Ambassadors help promote Sourcing 7 internally to their teams and encourage teammates to attend, present, and/or volunteer.  As community members, Ambassadors encourage others around them in collaboration, networking,  and sharing of best practices.

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